One of the biggest frustrations I get asked for help with is navigating office politics. It’s really not my area of expertise, I have always been a little too “call it like I see it”. My general advice is not to get sucked into a game you can’t win; like all politics, you can quickly end up in over your head.

Enter my old buddy Wegs. Full name Jim Wegerbauer but we are all invited to call him Wegs (rhymes with eggs). Wegs is a great human being. I met Wegs back in my Victors & Spoils days, he was vulnerable and transparent way before Brene Brown made that OK.

His new podcast is pure Wegs, I couldn’t get my headphones fast enough. He calls his podcast ‘snackable insights to help you navigate the topsy/turvy world of creativity’. While his experience is deep in adland it has so much relevance for anyone navigating the topsy/turvy world period.


Even better, he dedicates the first two episodes of Navigating the Fustercluck (how great is that title) to the tricky issue of Office Politics. My favorite nugget is his reference to a piece of George Bernard Shaw wisdom “never wrestle a pig in the mud, the pig likes it”. Wegs cautions about getting in the dirt with your office nemesis, commenting “you will just get dirty”.

There is so much wisdom jam-packed into this fabulous resource and the best part is that his content is mostly short. Wegs powers through topics from Happiness and Certainty to Office Politics and Collaboration, all in under 15 minutes.

Check him out here