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In 2002, I arrived jobless in NYC having left my corporate law career in New Zealand. I have since been on the founding team of two start ups which both had exits. First was Massive, a gaming ad network which was sold to Microsoft in 2006. Then Victors & Spoils where we pioneered crowdsourcing in an advertising agency. Havas acquired a majority stake in the agency in 2012.

I most recently spent three years running North American operations for NZTE, with the goal of bringing disruption into government while supporting the growth of NZ exports in North America.

My wins in life could have easily been losses without the belief that bad days bring out my “inner street fighter”. I have learnt to be ok with never being satisfied with where I am in life and I know that this is key to avoid being miserably unhappy. Ultimately I embrace life as a journey, and a very personal one.

I’ll never fit a cookie cutter but who does? Be brave in accepting that life is not perfect and that challenges may arise at the weirdest of times but that only means that there is infinite potential to grow in any direction you wish.

If you dare to ride the wave.