Dandelions: Symbolic of Positivity, Progress and Survival.

Dandelions annoy me. They infest my lawn, multiplying before my eyes, with roots so deep they take serious effort to eradicate. Their yellow flowers are eye-catching, a bold and constant reminder of their existence. And they cleverly evolve into a wind-enabled, self-seeding weapon of mass lawn destruction.

I see it as a negative but then I got curious. Dandelions are symbolic of positivity, progress and survival*. They show strength and determination.

Seems to me that this is everything I stand for.

I am not about to make peace with them in my lawn any day now but, it occurs to me that there is a lot we can learn from the humble weed:

  • Grow your Roots Strong. Set a solid foundation and you will be more able to survive the inevitable knocks and setbacks. As your mother no doubt told you, mine certainly told me, if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Doing things properly the first time will create long term stability for your business.

  • Be Bold. Be sure people know who you are and remind them of your existence (without being a stalker!)

  • Be Catchy. Make sure your message is concise, clear and repeatable. Allow other people to be the wind that sows the seeds of your idea. People love to help and people love to share knowledge, allow your network to help you propagate your message.

  • Be Healthy. Dandelions are a superfood. Their leaves are packed with vitamins and nutrients; their roots purported to deliver many (bitter) benefits. Your health is your greatest asset.

  • Use Your Whole. The dandelion uses every element of itself to ensure it’s survival. Do you have a superpower you are not using? It’s all the individual elements that lead to a strong whole - cute accent, interesting family history, strong math skills, badass golf wing, fantastic hair? Use whatever you have, you are your own secret weapon.

*I enjoyed reading this article as I wrote this post: the meaning of the dandelion