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How to pull a big idea out of your hat


Where the magic happens…

That thought “what if I did XYZ” occurs to all of us at some point. That idea to move, whether job, city or country or to start a business or? These are all things that, when acted on, have the ability to change our lives.

We know these big ideas when we have them. Your body feels different, you have immense clarity of thought, maybe your heart quickens? 

The intuitive thought of life altering proportion feels, in some way, significant. Whether it nags at us – refusing to leave our side – or just appears/occurs to us in THAT way. It’s usually obvious when we have it.

But, to make magic happen we must step into discomfort. Harnessing the intuitive thought is where true bravery is required.

Glen Andersen nails this visually in his Flipped Classroom presentation

Are you playing it safe? Or are you making magic happen?