Dandelions: Symbolic of Positivity, Progress and Survival.

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Dandelions annoy me. They infest my lawn, multiplying before my eyes, with roots so deep they take serious effort to eradicate. Their yellow flowers are eye-catching, a bold and constant reminder of their existence. And they cleverly evolve into a wind-enabled, self-seeding weapon of mass lawn destruction.

I see it as a negative but then I got curious. Dandelions are symbolic of positivity, progress and survival*. They show strength and determination.

Seems to me that this is everything I stand for.

I am not about to make peace with them in my lawn any day now but, it occurs to me that there is a lot we can learn from the humble weed:

- Grow your Roots Strong. Set a solid foundation and you will be more able to survive the inevitable knocks and setbacks. As your mother no doubt told you, mine certainly told me, if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Doing things properly the first time will create long term stability for your business.

- Be Bold. Be sure people know who you are and remind them of your existence (without being a stalker!)

- Be Catchy. Make sure your message is concise, clear and repeatable. Allow other people to be the wind that sows the seeds of your idea. People love to help and people love to share knowledge, allow your network to help you propagate your message.

- Be Healthy. Dandelions are a superfood. Their leaves are packed with vitamins and nutrients; their roots purported to deliver many (bitter) benefits. Your health is your greatest asset.

- Use Your Whole. The dandelion uses every element of itself to ensure it’s survival. Do you have a superpower you are not using? It’s all the individual elements that lead to a strong whole - cute accent, interesting family history, strong math skills, badass golf wing, fantastic hair? Use whatever you have, you are your own secret weapon.

*I enjoyed reading this article as I wrote this post: the meaning of the dandelion 


How to pull a big idea out of your hat

Where the magic happens…

That thought “what if I did XYZ” occurs to all of us at some point. That idea to move, whether job, city or country or to start a business or? These are all things that, when acted on, have the ability to change our lives.

We know these big ideas when we have them. Your body feels different, you have immense clarity of thought, maybe your heart quickens? 

The intuitive thought of life altering proportion feels, in some way, significant. Whether it nags at us – refusing to leave our side – or just appears/occurs to us in THAT way. It’s usually obvious when we have it.

But, to make magic happen we must step into discomfort. Harnessing the intuitive thought is where true bravery is required.

Glen Andersen nails this visually in his Flipped Classroom presentation

Are you playing it safe? Or are you making magic happen?


Even rockstars have bad days

Those days that challenge you and cause you to question everything. Those moments that tease you with the idea of giving up.

I have bad days all the time.

How we deal with the bad days is what defines us.

Sometimes the bad days do knock us back. Sometimes the bad days extend into bad weeks. When the #squigglyline seems to be delivering mostly backwards and sideways, what then? Stop. Not long enough to lose momentum but long enough to create a little time and space to absorb the pushback you are getting.

Some bad days will require you to grit your teeth, dig in, work harder. They bring out my inner street fighter, I double down. I think they call it pushing boulders uphill for a reason. Those are the days I work late, I clear my to do list, I get shit done and I create momentum by doing.

But often it’s about working smarter. There are times when the squiggles are signs that we need to slow down. My husband is a sculptor and he has taught me that, when making art, it’s more often about standing back and observing than it is about doing. Those are the days I get out and hike, do yoga or bake bread. Any activity really that takes me out of my head and allow my intuition to take over.

I have learned to relish the bad days. I have learned to appreciate the information they give me. That, and the knowledge that it takes the backwards and sideways to know that you are truly on the #squigglyline.